Silo Cleaning And Repairs

The specially trained team here at Thapo Access provides the comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and repair services silos, hoppers, tanks, bins, filters and ancillary equipment require in order to stay in peak condition. Using industrial rope access, we’re able to access all areas of silos, leaving them clean and at optimum working condition. We can also tailor our solutions to meet the needs of all kinds of silos and storage facilities.

Silo Cleaning

Over time, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials they are used to store. They can also fall victim to more immediate and serious problems, such as insect infestations and fundal growths, which need to be eliminated in a timely fashion.

Using our dynamic safety equipment and specialized cleaning agents, our rope access team can get into the silos, remove any and all debris and eliminate tough organic residues. We do this by performing a thorough steam cleaning on all internal and external surfaces. Our team will also be sure to deal swiftly and decisively with any fungal growths and insect infestations so that the storage space can immediately be put back to work.

Maintenance & Repairs

We offer our clients an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged, defected and deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialised coatings. Whether the construction material in question is concrete, steel or fibreglass (or anything else), we are trained and have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide clients with comprehensive silo cleaning and repair solutions.

Our Silo cleaning work is executed using cutting-edge equipment that is fast, efficient and safe, as the cleaning operations require no human entry into the storage vessel at any time. The company’s services are designed to safely remove compacted materials from any size or shape of silos, bins, hoppers, tanks, reactors and chimneys

The company’s Silo Cleaning Services adopt a combination of specialist cleaning systems, which create a number of advantages including the following:


No human-entry in confined space making it 100% safe

Ability to safely remove flammable, explosive, hazardous or toxic products

No special safety measures required, only standard operating procedures when using our system

The systems do not cause damage to facilities or the environment

Compliance with Government Health and Safety Regulations


Dry process, no water and no chemical

Environmentally friendly and no contamination

Regular cleaning will ensure that quality control of all storage areas is maintained

Higher standards of cleanliness